More than a century ago, my family farmed vineyards and owned a winery in Southern Italy. In the late 1920's my grandparents,
father and mother immigrated to the United States.
The friendships my father made decades ago in the Napa Valley as a winemaker formed the foundation for the success of our award-winning wines today.

Use the best grapes, best barrels, and make the best wine possible.

I have always held a great appreciation for wine and the art of creating the perfect blend. Our dream to own a boutique winery became a reality in 2002 when we opened Bruno Cellars in Loomis, California.

Bruno Cellars’ philosophy is the same as when we were home winemakers: Use the best grapes, best barrels and make the best wine possible.

Having a private winery allows us the convenience of having personal control from the initial crush to final bottling. As unconventional as it sounds, cost is the least significant factor.

Our wines labeled “Napa Valley” are 100% Napa Valley grapes. With the lenient blending laws, others may claim Napa Valley but actually blend a large percentage of grapes from other regions. Doing so can cost up to 90% less. Rest assured, just as honest as the labor we put into each bottle of Bruno Cellars wine is the appellation of origin on its label.

Farming a vineyard on our Loomis property provides some interesting estate blends. It also gives our children an appreciation of the difficulty and arduous labor involved with growing grapes. All Bruno Cellars wines are properly aged in our underground cave. No wines are released until they are ready to drink – usually a three-year process.

Bruno Cellars makes handcrafted Napa Valley and Placer County wines that boast fruit and just the right amount of French Oak. We take great pride in each bottle we produce. We hope that you enjoy them as much as we do.

- Nick and Nicholette Bruno